New Tiruppur Area Development Corporation Limited (NTADCL)

             A Public Limited Company promoted by TEA (Tiruppur Exporters Association) jointly with the Government of Tamil Nadu, Government of India and infrastructure leasing and Financial Services Limited (IL &FS), Mumbai to supply water from Cauvery River – about 55 kms  to Tiruppur for industrial and domestic use.  This project catering services , not only to the people of Tiruppur but also those in more than 30 villages, en route the pipeline.  The massive project estimated to cost Rs. 1100 crores, also envisages underground sewerage system for Tiruppur such as  collection, treatment and disposal of sewerage and solid waste.

             TEA has teamed up with the Tiruppur Dyers Association, collected Rs.10.00 crores towards equity contribution of the industry and handed it over to the Hon’ble Chief Minister to Tamil Nadu on the inauguration of project work on 20th June 2003 at Tiruppur.  This project, an outstanding example of Public Private Partnership(PPP) of massive scale, funded by leading international financial institutions like US AID, is the first of its kind in the whole of Asia.  Water project is already completed where Industries and people from wayside villages and Tiruppur are happy because the long felt need is fulfilled.