Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is a statutory body created by an Act of Parliament (No.61 of 1956 and as  amended by Act No.12 of 1987 and Act No.10 of 2006).  Established in April 1957, it took over the work of the Khadi & Village Industries Board.  It functions under the administrative control of Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, and Govt. of India.

The broad objectives of, KVIC are:

  1. The social objective of providing employment.

  2. The economic objective of producing saleable articles and

  3. The wider objective of creating self reliance amongst the people and building up of a strong rural community spirit.

      The KVIC is charged with the functions of planning, promotion, organization and implementation of programme for development of Khadi & Village Industries in rural areas in coordination with the Khadi institutions engaged in rural development.  As such, 72 Khadi institutions and 2 State Khadi & V.I. Boards are functioning in Tamilnadu State.  There are 15 Khadi institutions are functioning in Tiruppur District, producing Khadi goods worth of Rs.18.00 Crores and sold worth of Rs.20.65 Crores, thereby provided employment to the Spinners and Weavers of 4241, during the year 2008-09. 

  1. Tamilnadu Sarvodaya Sangh, Tiruppur  (Parent Body of all the Sarvodaya Sanghs in Tamilnadu State)

  2. Tiruppur Sarvodaya Sangh, Murugampalayam, Tiruppur.

  3. Coimbatore Central Sarvodaya Sangh, Velampalayam, Tiruppur.

  4. Palladam Sarvodaya Sangh, Palladam.

  5. Koduvai Sarvodaya Sangh, Koduvai.

  6. Kethanur Sarvodaya Sangh, Kethanur.

  7. Padiyur Sarvodaya Sangh, Padiyur.

  8. Kangayam Sarvodaya Sangh, Kangayam

  9. Mulanur Sarvodaya Sangh, Mulanur

  10. M.Kumarapalayam Sarvodaya Sangh, Mulanur.

  11. Vellakoil Sarvodaya Sangh, Vellakoil

  12. Uttukuli Sarvodaya Sangh, Uttukuli

  13. Kundadam Sarvodaya Sangh, Uthiyur

  14. Coimbatore South Sarvodaya Sangh, Dharapuram

  15. Udumalpet Sarvodaya Sangh, Udumalpet.

   All the Khadi institutions are producting Cotton Khadi items such as Cotton Dhoties, Cotton shirtings, Cotton readymades, pillows, mattress, bed sheets, bed spread, handkerchiefs, Lungis etc., Silk Khadi items such as Golden Jari ornamented Silk sarees, embroidery silk sarees, silk dhotis, angavastram, etc.  Polyvastra items such as poly dhotis, poly readymades, poly coatings, etc. 

 Besides the above Khadi industries, the above mentioned Khadi institutions are also undertaking Village Industries activities such as production of Steel furnitures, wooden furnitures, agarbathis, footwear, herbal products, neem based toilet soap, etc.

 Tamilnadu Sarvodaya Sangh located in Avinashi Road, Gandhi Nagar, Tiruppur is a parent body of all decentralized Sarvodaya Sanghs in Tamilnadu and is extending policy support to the decentralized institutions and is functioning since 1925.

Padiyur silk is famous not only in Tiruppur district and is attracted by lovable customers in Tamilnadu State.  Padiyur Sarvodaya Sangh is recently been awarded by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India as one of the best Khadi institution in the country.

Khadi Gramodyog Vidyalaya, Veerapandi, Tiruppur is one of the famous non-departmental training centre of KVIC functioning in Tiruppur, for last five decades and trained plenty of artisans for the development of rural industries.

The Khadi activities are initially formed in Tiruppur town, in the year  1940s by father of nation, Mahatma Gandhiji through All India Khadi Spinners Association.  Hence, birth place of Khadi is Tiruppur in the State.  Eminent political leaders visited Tiruppur in those days for the development of Khadi industries.  The asthi (ash) of Mahatma Gandhiji is still kept in the samathi at Veerapandi and Gandhi Nagar in Tiruppur Town.