Coconut is one of  major plantation crops in Tiruppur District and it occupy nearly 16.10% of the total cultivated area that is 33786 Ha. Now the farming community give their option to switch over to coconut plantation due to labour problem, where the industries are fastly grown. As the result coconut area is increased every year.  From the Department side, it plays a major role in supplying quality seedling at lesser rate comparing to private nurseries, major varieties produces as Tall, Dwarff, TxD (Tall x Dwarf) DxT (Dwarf x Tall). Agricultural Department runs one coconut nursery at Aliyar at Pollachy Taluk and one crossing centre of sandegoundendapalayam near Coimbatore, Where it supplies good Quality of Tall seedling and TxD (Tall x Dwarff seedling). These two centre play major role in production and supply Quality coconut seedling to Coimbatore and Tiruppur District. Apart from one standard coconut nursery run by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural university of Coimbatore, which provide both technology and Quality seedling.

             In Tiruppur District ,Coconut is grown mainly in Gudimangalam Block (9000 Ha) followed by Udumalai 5346 Ha, Kundadam 3870 Ha, Pongalur 3508 Ha and Madathukulam 3041 Ha. Remaining area of district contribute 2200 Ha. In Tiruppur District, Kangayam paly a major role in procuring copra for oil production. Coconut production play  major role in farming the Agro base industries namely production of coconut oil and other Bi products of Coconut  like coir industries, Husk production etc.

             Apart from this , Agriculture department implements a special programme especially for coconut namely Coconut Development Scheme, the aid gets from Coconut Development Board, Cochin, in Which subsidy are given right from the planting new plantation to production of coconut. Apart from this Agricultural Department play a major role in providing micro irrigation system @ 50% subsidy cost especially to coconut grown farmers and supplies Micro nutrient ment especially for Coconut which is available only Agricultural Extension Centres.