Contour canal is unique of its kind in the whole of South India. This canal is taken in a contour alignment on the steep and rugged rocky slopes of Anamalai Hills about 300 ft. above the plains. This forms the main artery of the Parambikulam - Aliyar Project (PAP) and this carries the tail race waters from the Sarkarpathy Power House to Thirumurthy Dam. During its run of about 52 Km. (32.30 miles) it passes through four tunnels of which the longest is Navamalai, about 5 Km. in length. Its carrying capacity is 32.55 cusecs (1150 cusecs). The execution of this canal is an engineering feat. It has been constructed against heavy odds and in a very difficult terrain amidst forest areas. The Morning walk all along the canal with PWD (WRO) official permission is a breath taking and one can come across plenty of peacocks, Langurs and occasionally Elephant and Spotted Deer also.